Is Your Cat Dehydrated?

It may not be summer anymore, but this does not mean your cat can't become dehydrated. Dehydration in cats can have severe consequences, so ensuring your cats are healthy and drinking an adequate amount of water is crucial. Not sure if your cat is dehydrated? Read on to learn more about the signs.

1. Your Cat Isn't Acting the Same

Cats may demonstrate a distinct change in personality when they do not feel well. This could mean your cat appears more lethargic and lazy. You might also see your cat is more aggressive or agitated lately. This is a sure sign something is not quite right.

2. Your Cat Isn't Hungry

A cat who has lost his or her appetite is showing signs something definitely is not right. If your pet does not come to dinner when he hears those familiar sounds, take notice.

3. Your Cat's Heart Rate Is Elevated

An elevated heart rate can signify one of many health issues. When paired with other signs, you may be able to tell dehydration is to blame. Still, you should always seek a veterinarian's assistance or visit a veterinary hospital if your pet's heart rate is "off."

4. Your Cat Is Panting

Panting, especially when not preceded by running and playing, can indicate a health issue like dehydration. While your cat is panting, you may also notice that he or she has very thick saliva as well.

5. Your Cat Has Another Health Problem

Other health problems can contribute to your cat being dehydrated. If you already know your pet is contending with issues like diarrhea or vomiting. If your cat has been overheating a lot recently, he or she may be dehydrated as a result.

You might also pay attention to how often your cat urinates. If he or she is running to the litter box often, a secondary health ailment involving your cat's kidneys or urinary system may be the culprit.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Dehydrated

Keep in mind that cats are picky. They may not want to drink water if it is not fresh or clean. They may become dehydrated even if water is available. Make sure to change the water frequently.

Dehydration in cats leaves them at high risk for urinary crystals, urinary tract infections, and kidney problems. Quick action is crucial if you believe your pet is dehydrated. Call your veterinarian today to learn more about how you can relieve your cat's pain.

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