Crystals In Your Cat's Urine? Here's What It Means.

Cat pee should be nearly clear and all fluid. So if you notice that there are solids that look like crystals in your cat's litter box or pee, that's a bad sign. Here's what causes this and what you can do to help your cat.

What The Crystals Are

Crystals in urine aren't actually crystals, of course. They're made up of minerals that are being disposed of in your cat's urine. When these minerals clump together, they can create a large enough clump to be visible as what looks like a small crystal. Keep in mind that this is a very painful experience for a cat to go through, so if you noticed that your cat has been crying in the litter box, that's what's going on.

Why They're Being Produced

Unfortunately, this only happens when something is going wrong with the bladder or kidneys. For cats, it's typically the kidneys.

When the kidneys aren't functioning properly, they don't do as good a job of ridding the blood of byproducts. As a result, mineral deposits build up in the kidneys before they're flushed out, and these minerals can remain intact and emerge as crystals. Sadly, the kidneys usually only function badly when kidney disease has developed and is in the later stages.

What to Do

If your cat ever has crystals in its urine, get to a veterinarian right away. While you wait to be seen, encourage your cat to drink water, as this will help the kidneys to flush out minerals more effectively.

Once you're at the vet's office, your cat will be examined and tested for kidney disease. If kidney disease is present, your vet will work with you to treat it. While it's not curable, IV fluid treatment can help to bring down elevated kidney values and make your cat more comfortable.

If the problem isn't the kidneys, the bladder may need to be flushed in order to rid it of excessive minerals. If there are extreme deposits, your vet may instead need to perform surgery to remove them, as they could damage the urethra on their way out of your cat otherwise.

Treating a cat for kidney disease or a malfunctioning bladder can help to make them comfortable, more vibrant, and more eager to eat. Never ignore crystals in your cat's urine. It's a warning sign that indicates that things have already progressed to a dangerous point, so you need to seek help in a hurry. For more information, contact a company like Berlin Township Animal Hospital today.

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Cat pee should be nearly clear and all fluid. So if you notice that there are solids that look like crystals in your cat's litter box or pee, that's a