Taking Care Of Your Dog's Wounds Yourself: What You'll Need

If your dog injures itself, it can be terrible to have to watch. You want to do everything you can, but you may not have what you need and you may not know what to do to care for your dog. If it is injured, you should take it to the veterinarian for a checkup and exam and discuss what things need to be done in order to treat the wound and get your dog healed. Over-the-counter products can be used in treating a wound; you just need to know how to treat and apply the products to the wound. Read on for a few things that may be needed to treat your dog's wound.


If the wound is somewhere that your dog can reach and may want to bite or chew on, you should get an e-collar to prevent this from happening. The e-collar will only allow for so much movement, and your dog will not be able to reach to lick or bite at the wound. The e-collar can be adjusted and even cut down if needed if it's too large. Different sizes are available for small dog breeds or larger breeds, so you can find one to fit your pet.

Gauze And Wound Pads

Wound pads should be used for injuries that have an open sore. Bleeding can be controlled with the wound pads, which will also keep open wounds from getting dirt and other debris inside them. You should change these pads a few times per day until the wound begins to heal. Then you can leave it open to dry out and heal further. Gauze should be used to keep the wound pads in place. Wrap your dog's wound and wound pad if you can with the gauze to hold the pad in place. The gauze should also be replaced every time you replace the wound pads.

Wound Cream

Wound cream such as Neosporin can be used on an open wound to assist in healing and to protect against infection. Use this while the wound is healing, and only when you have a wound pad on the wound. Make sure your dog doesn't lick at the wound cream, as it could be toxic for your pet.

If your dog has an open wound, it's important to get it to the veterinarian for a checkup, exam, and treatment. Over-the-counter products can be used in order to help treat the wound, but it's important to know not only what is needed, but how to treat it at home yourself. Contact a company that sells over-the-counter pet wound care products to learn more.

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